International & Domestic Narrative ShortS



International & Domestic Narrative Shorts, 91 minutes

Friday, November 10, 2017, 5:00 PM — DeSoto Theatre

The Roach
Directed by Justin Miller, USA, 10:00
Joe receives a call from a long lost love who needs his help for one last kill. (Made in Georgia)

Einstein - Rosen
Directed by Olga Osorio, Spain, 9:00
Summer of 1982. Teo claims he has found a wormhole. His brother Óscar does not believe him... at least not for now.    

Directed by Radheya Jegatheva, Australia, 7:35
A film that explores the relationship between man and technology… told from the perspective of a phone.

Real Artists
Directed by Cameo Wood, USA, 12:00
Against all odds, Sophia Baker just scored her dream interview at the world-famous Semaphore Animation Studios. But when she meets arch, mysterious executive Anne Palladon, she soon learns all is not as she expects behind the curtain.

Man in the Moon
Directed by Monique Mulcahy, Australia, 13:17
When an under appreciated single mother intercepts a strange transmission on her pocket radio she suspects that it may be linked to her teenage sons mysterious homemade gaming headset.

Shy Guys
Directed by Fredric Lehne, USA, 8:16
Two strangers bring the laughs as they confront and resolve one of the most insidious scourges afflicting mankind—while standing at public urinals with their willies out.

The Manual
Directed by William Magness, USA, 29:30
In the distant future, James is the last human on Earth. He is raised and protected by a humanoid robot, the Machine, who brings him up on a strange composite religion described in a handheld device called The Manual.