RIFF welcomes Development Director Douglas Collins

The Rome International Film Festival announces Douglas Collins as the festival’s Development Director.

An entrepreneur and founder of two Arizona broadcast studios, Collins’ experience in business development spans his entire career. Collins has worked in a variety of creative services, including professional product sales, brand development, event planning, public relations and video production. He and his wife, Dianemarie Collins have owned their company, DM Productions LLC for more than 25 years. 

For the Rome International Film Festival, Collins’ experience allows him to best tailor sponsorship opportunities for businesses to elevate their company goals in such a way that also promotes and fosters RIFF. 

“RIFF sponsors receive customized partnerships and branding opportunities through over $100,000 of media and an effective social media campaign,” says Collins. “On a $1,000 sponsorship, that’s a Return on Investment of 100:1. Plus, our RIFF app can provide not only detailed demographic data but can also be used to promote your products and services with coupons or special incentives.”

Collins and his wife Dianemarie moved to Rome in 2018 from Reno, Nevada, to be closer to family.

“We wanted to settle in a community that was accessible to our son Gabriel who lives in Huntsville, Alabama – close, but not too close for frequent visits as our 10 year-old grandson Daniel grows up,” said Collins. “We want to be near enough to make a difference in his life.”

Collins said he and Dianemarie researched the Southeast thoroughly, considering lifestyle features like arts, entertainment, nearby colleges, an active downtown area, beauty, culture and community.

“It turns out Rome was the place for us. We wanted a town where we could find a church like our Rome First United Methodist Church. We wanted the awesome brick tapestry which is downtown Rome – just look up when you are on Broad Street! We wanted a college town because students keep the region young and active. Finally, we wanted a town where we could become involved.”

The Collins have joined the Rome Area Heritage Foundation to help preserve Rome’s rich, historic buildings. Dianemarie Collins, brings her talent to Rome where she sings with the Three Rivers Singers.  A veteran performer in acting, singing, dancing and choreography, Dianemarie has appeared in productions from Broadway and off-Broadway to nightclubs and dinner theaters throughout the country. 

“If you live in a community like Rome, get involved,” said Douglas Collins.  “There are so many organizations that can use your assistance. You can make a difference in Rome and help enrich the community that you call home.”

Lauren Jones Hillman