“Rubén Blades is Not My Name” to show at RIFF 

The film is followed by a Salsa Dancing party at The Brewhouse

The lively rhythm of conga drums and the sounds of trumpets will have audiences itching to get up and dance during the award-winning documentary film “Rubén Blades is Not My Name,” by Abner Benaim at the Rome International Film Festival. The film follows the legacy of Latin American icon Rubén Blades who grammy-award winning music brought Salsa music to an international audience.

The film will screen at the Rome City Auditorium on Friday, November 8th at 7 p.m. and will be followed by a Salsa Dancing Party at the Brewhouse Music & Grill on Broad Street at 9 p.m. 

The party will feature live music by Orquesta MaCuba, an Atlanta-based Salsa band performing  with a full brass section, full percussion section and a full rhythm section with vocalists. The band has become well known within the Latin music scene as one of the hottest Latin orchestras known within the United States and Latin America.  

“It’s a priority for RIFF to reach out to new audiences and at the same time, entertain and engage our returning film lovers,” said RIFF Executive Director Seth Ingram. “The art of film is able to reach out across cultures, and we hope everyone, including the Latino community, will come out, see this incredible film and then join us afterward for a fun night of Salsa dancing.” 

Tickets to the film and party cost $35, but for those who just want to view the film, tickets cost $10. For anyone who simply wants to attend the party, tickets are $35. Tickets are on sale now at http://www.riffga.com/buytickets.

“Yo No Me Llamo Rubén Blades”

Latin American icon Rubén Blades was at the center of the New York Salsa revolution in the 1970's. His socially-charged lyrics and explosive rhythms brought Salsa music to an international audience. Blades has won 17 Grammys, acted in a number of Hollywood films and TV shows, earned a law degree from Harvard and even ran for President of his native Panama. 

Blades lives in New York, where he granted critically acclaimed director Abner Benaim exclusive access to his life at home and on tour. Benaim takes audiences on a journey through Rubén's 50 year career, revealing that Rubén might still have both musical and political ambitions.

Benaim studied International Relations and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania and later film directing at Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv. In 2004, he founded Apertura Films, an independent production company, in his native Panama, where he is considered a pioneer filmmaker. Benaim’s films have been selected at prestigious film festivals such as SXSW, IDFA, HOTDOCS and True False and have won multiple awards as well as critical acclaim.

Benaim’s work deals with social issues and touching personal stories told in an unceremonious, sometimes humorous and irreverent tone. 

Lauren Jones Hillman