Documentary Shorts, 85 minutes

Friday, November 10, 2017, 10:00 AM — DeSoto Theatre

My First Drag Show
Directed by Brian Graves, USA, 5:00
“My First Drag Show” captures the experiences of first time drag performers as they take the stage at Florida State University's Amateur Drag Show.

Directed by Paul Syznol, USA/Uganda, 9:00
Uganda's most surprising boxer enters the ring one more time.

One in Five
Directed by Holly Bourdillon, UK, 12:00
“One in Five” is a look at the lack of women in the film industry.

Driven Blind
Directed by Scott Shimmel, USA, 15:00
A world champion drag racer, Dan Parker struggles to adjust to a new reality after a tragic racing accident that left him blind. Though Dan cannot see he has not given up his love of working with his hands, or his love of racing, and is doing everything he can to stay involved in the sport, and stay behind the wheel.

The Human Face
Directed by Aline Pimentel, USA, 14:00
After working in the film industry, bringing to life some of Hollywood’s most well known characters, Kazuhiro Tsuji now displays his skill in hyperrealistic sculptures of impactful historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol to name a few. This documentary explores the awe and wonder found in both these works of art, and the great diversity of a human face.

Skim for England
Directed by Tom Oxenham, UK, 30:00
“Skim for England” follows the fictional Frank to the real World Stone Skimming Championships on Easdale Island, Scotland, where he goes hand to hand with the biggest names in the sport, battling to become the world’s best.